Federico Buscarino was born on 13 October 1970.
He approaches photography thanks to his father Maurizio and he will turn it into a job making him a successful professional.
After working with his father at several advertising campaigns, some of which on a vast scale and at great publishing level, he goes his own way, tackling various kinds of photography, from social reportage to advertising, industrial and architectural photography, with remarkable results.
His photos are published in national magazines such as “AD”, “Carnet”, “Famiglia Cristiana”, “Hystryo”.
He works for important multinational companies and world famous architects.
He strives to create photo reportage aimed at the recovery of the cultural tradition heritage of Lombard communities on behalf of the Ethnographic and Social History Archive of the Lombardy Region.
Most of is time is spent on personal artistic research on black and white photography for exhibitions and collections

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