Jorunn Monrad was born in Norway in 1961, an artist’s daughter, she was brought up in close contact with nature and the mythology of northern literature.
She moves to Italy to study at Brera, graduating in sculpture in 1987.
Ever since the beginning she explores typical Scandinavian fantasies, turning them into sculptures and later paintings, characterised by an ever repeating zoomorph “module” or “monad”.
The artists has been given credit for her ability to turn the symbol into sign, and therefore uniting a living thing to language, going beyond some of the 80s issues with her learned and tonal way of painting.
The artist has been invited, ever since the start of her career, to prestigious collective exhibitions such as “Lucidamente” in Porto Venere, curated by Giorgio Bonomi in 2004, “Abstraction ordine e immaginazione”, Serra San Quirico, curated by Valerio Dehò in 2004, “Segni di Memoria”, Carces, France, curated by Cynthia Penna.
Since 1988 she has been exhibiting in Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, England, France and Mexico.

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