Roberto Tomasi was born in Milan on 7th August 1956.
He attends the Cova school in Milan and in 1976 he works for graphic companies where he learns the secrets and becomes Assistant in Gianluigi Gusmaroli’s photo studio.
In 1983 he founds ERRETI , a company specializing in photographic retouch and elaboration. He cooperates with major advertising agencies: Armando Testa, Mc Erickson, Pubblicis, Lintas, TPR.
In 1988 he patents “Phototransfer”, an innovative photo printing process, and cooperates with master photographers such as Franco Fontana, Mario Giacomelli, Oliviero Toscani, Fabrizio Ferri, Giovanni Gastel. In 1994 he moves to New York and works with masters such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz; he prints and elaborates images for artistic photography collectors. Once back in Italy, treasuring the knowledge and experience acquired, he continues his research in the digital area, at a time when the virtual era represents a milestone in art and other disciplines, starting a personal artistic journey where he melts virtual and real.
In 2000 he works on the Olivetti campaign.
Together with his brother Gianpaolo he creates, for GQ - Condè Nast, the first seven virtual models, causing a stir in the fashion and advertising world.
The textile agency IT Holding Exté brand commissions him their world press campaign. For the first time in the world, virtual models are used for fashion brand communication.

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