Giorgio Sorti was born on 1st February 1961.
His interest is immediately drawn to photography, but to contemporary art in all its expressive forms.
Giorgio Sorti’s professional and artistic training takes place in the first part of the 80s around the world, as he was working as a correspondent for international architectural and naturalistic magazines.His stay in Tokyo is particularly important, Tokyo being the capital of great building projects and urban renewal: here, he is attracted to mangas that, through their peculiar graphic conventions, wield their influence on the use of perspective.
In mid 2006 he was offered to organise his first solo show in New York, world capital of art, not with his natural or architectural subjects, but with his “Made in Japan”, photos of toys, tin cars, original vintage fetish, collected hither and thither during his stay in Tokyo.
In 2010 he was asked to exhibit at the show dedicated to Marilyn Monroe at Villa Ponti in Arona, next to legends such as Andy Warhol, Mimmo Rotella and Bert Stern, last to take photos of the diva just before she died.
Sorti has been working with the most prestigious international magazines, as well as exhibiting his work in contemporary art galleries.

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